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Health and Happiness: Where You Find Happiness.           

Part 1: How we avoid unhappiness.

Did you know you have a Blueprint? One of the effects of your Blueprint is that you are born biologically wired for specific reactive responses to dangerous or stressful situations.

Depending on your blueprint, you are prone to a different response to stressful situations. This responses helps you to avoid unhappiness.

See if you have a tendency to one or more of these responses to stress:

Sensitive Blueprint:

“Move!” The nervous system is more active in the Sensitive Blueprint so you want to run away from the situation, change the subject, run ten miles daily, change jobs, change mates, change the situation.

Taking action makes the Sensitive Blueprint feel safer. The predominant emotion is fear and desire to run away.

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Passionate Blueprint:

“Understand!” Get more passionate. Rationalize why it happened, why the person did what they did, strategize a way to deal with the danger, plan, figure out what is going on in a way that makes sense and you feel in control.

If the Passionate Blueprint understands, they feel in control and safer. The predominant emotion is anger and desire to dominate.

Stable Blueprint:

“Freeze!” Get more stable, move less, don’t try to understand, stop and the danger will pass, freeze and the danger won’t see you as an object to attack.  Be still and have patience, the danger will pass.

The Stable Blueprint feels safe when feeling more stable. That feels better than running in fear or feeling angry.

Do you recognize any of your reactions here? (For more information about your Ayurvedic blueprint, go to: www.knowyourblueprint.com)

In Part 2 I will explain why ultimately these reactions do not bring us the health and happiness we seek. In Part 3 I’ll explain some Ayurvedic strategies for achieving health and happiness. And why you rarely find one without the other.