Do you feel fear in your guts when you wake up in the morning? Worry that there is something you did or may do that may bring about an unwanted reality? If so, you may have a Sensitive Blueprint’s stress response. (To discover your Blueprint, go HERE)

(Note: In the ancient human past the fight/flight reactions in the amygdala or reptilian brain were to protect our life from predators. Today, the stress response is often to protect our ego or self-image, not our life. When we are seeking health and happiness, we are also seeking freedom from this stress reaction.)

The Sensitive blueprints’ reaction to stress is often to run away or hide in fear, feeling a powerless victim needing rescue.

This is not a productive response because when you are afraid, what you are avoiding is always there in opposition to your fear. You will never be rid of that fear. Running keeps the fear alive.

Pro-active response: “Face, fight and finish” (as Baba Hari Dass often reminded us). Look clearly at the fearful situation. See if you are pretending anything and tell the truth. Trust that you will be okay no matter what happens. And bring to mind what you would like to have happen.

When doing this, the fight/flight response calms down. Then your creativity can work to change the situation. And balance, equanimity is restored.

More Sensitive Stress Reduction Practices:

1) Breathing practice: Inhale count to 4, exhale count to 8. Do this 10 times. This will slow down your heartbeat, lower your blood pressure and you will feel more grounded and less anxious.

2) Awareness practice: Notice your emotions and thoughts. Realize that they are just that—emotions and thoughts. They are not “real” but are responses. Choose to hold or not hold them. You can choose to let them go.

3) Diet and lifestyle practice: Avoid raw and dry foods and salads, popcorn, sour foods and have warm soupy, oily foods at regular, relatively frequent, intervals. Eat enough protein. Exercise daily moderately. Make sure to have a sound sleep long enough.

If you follow these suggestions you should find your anxiety reducing and your health improving. Let me know your results when you try these suggestions!

The next blog will share several practices to deal with stress for the Passionate Blueprint.

If you’re not sure what your Blueprint is, call or email me for a free 20 minute Ayurvedic consultation.


Cynthia Copple