“I have to bear this” the Stable thinks. Her first response to a stressful situation is not to run in fear or fight in anger but to become obstinate and rooted. To freeze. To deny.

The Stable’s response to a stressful situation is to dig in, resist, become numb, become stubbornly attached to a thing or point of view.

Perhaps in the past this was a survival technique—if the predator didn’t see you because you didn’t move, it might move on and you would be saved. Now it may be: if I don’t respond to that bully, she might forget about targeting me. It doesn’t usually remove the stress.

Here are some Stable stress busters:

  • Ask yourself: what is real and what am I imagining. Then you can let go of the unreal creation of your mind and accept what is real.
  • Here is a handy mantra for this process. Say to yourself, “All is okay, what  is, is.” This helps break through the barrier of denial and allows the truth to be seen in spite of how our mind tries to alter the reality.
  • Ask yourself: what am I feeling? Once felt, the reality they are masking can be more easily seen.
  • Take action. Any action. Write down your thoughts, exercise, reach out and call someone. Don’t “stew in your own juices,” as my mother used to say.
  • Don’t dwell on the problem. Instead, start creating possible solutions immediately. You will get unstuck and your perspective will change. This is also a strategy for depression, which Stables may be prone to.
  • Warm herbal oil Massage is the perfect stress buster for all blueprints in the Fall. When the season is changing the body undergoes stress and colds, headaches and anxiety and aches and pains can increase. Call Lotus for bodywork schedule and prices at 831-566-0735. Or go to lotusayurveda.com.

Let me know if you have found any of these suggestions useful, and share your own strategies for busting stress! Here and on my Facebook page.