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Shining Skin.

Sharon belonged to the “beautiful people” clique at Willow Glen High School in 1962. These girls looked wealthier and more sophisticated and beautiful than the rest of us. I was part of the advanced classes/brainiac clique. We were smart, but we weren’t street-smart the way they were. They had the latest fashions and always looked like beautiful models. I wanted to be like them!

When Sharon invited me to go off campus to eat lunch with her and several others in her group, my first thought was—is she talking to me? Did she make a mistake?

I was really excited to go out with them—Sharon drove a convertible, and I hoped my friends would see me with this group! I was trying to act cool and fit in. I followed them and ordered a burger, fries, coke and lots of ketchup from the carhop.

We ate in the car and I heard the most amazing gossip. Where did they learn all of this stuff? I was really too excited to eat, but I did anyway. We rushed back to school a few minutes late.Soft, clear skin with Ayurveda.

The next day I was still excited about my adventure but was glad to be eating regular cafeteria food. Then I noticed my face was breaking out. Am I getting, my period,? I wondered. Yes, I was. But the breakout was worse than usual. I wondered if it had anything to do with eating lunch with the girls off campus.

The next time I was invited to go out to lunch for hamburgers and French fries I was excited—I must have passed the test, I thought! We got back to school a few minutes late again, creating some stress for me, but I tried to act cool like the girls. I noticed that my stomach hurt all afternoon.

To make a long story short, after the next lunch off campus I told them I couldn’t go, I had to study or some excuse. “I’d really love to go but I can’t,” I’d explain. The truth was I didn’t like feeling sick to my stomach all afternoon.

And I noticed my skin broke out each time I had the burgers, fries ketchup and coke with the girls.

I was sensitive about my looks in high school—what girl isn’t? You don’t know what it is to be an adult yet, but it looks like being an adult has something to do with how you look. It seemed the popular girls had flawless skin, flawless fashions, the latest footwear, stylish hair. And being popular was very important.

Today I understand the link between food and stress and digestion and skin. I discovered the answer to all of my life’s questions in Ayurveda 35 years ago. Not only the link, the cause and effect, but why.

I’m going to share that wisdom at the MeetUp in Capitola at Lotus Holistic Health Institute on October 19.


Ayurveda, herbs that heal skin

Herbs that heal the skin.

Come and learn about a cleanse for shining skin and feeling slim. When we don’t like our skin often we eat too much, and the wrong foods. So healing the skin can also heal the digestion.

Come and learn

–why the skin breaks out

–how skin and digestion are connected.

–three healing herbs for the skin

–three foods you should never eat if you want clear skin.

We are planning a program to jump-start your healthy lifestyle based on my book “Know Your Blueprint: The Ayurvedic Secret To Restoring Your Vitality in 30 Days”.
If you’d like to find out more about it as it is being developed. email us with “Jumpstart” in the Subject line.

If you want your own individual cleanse, call 831-566-0735 and ask for Cleanse from Blog.