What is Ayurveda?

The wisdom and herbal products of Ayurveda will help you get and stay healthy. For over 5,000 years it has been traditionally used to promote wellness and restore health, especially to:

* Increase energy
* Improve digestion and elimination
* Take charge of your life and health
* Detoxify and cleanse
* Rejuvenate your immune system

Ayurveda, the original holistic system of health and rejuvenation, originated 10,000 years ago in the ancient Sanskrit Vedas of India, and is still practiced there today.

The body heals itself. The Ayurvedic system works to correct the underlying imbalances that block the body’s own natural healing processes.

All of life is connected by precise cause and effect relationships and Ayurveda treats the individual in this context, not in isolation. Ayurveda teaches how disease develops through an imbalance in the many forces constantly at play internally (thoughts, feelings, emotions) and externally (the changing environment, diet, weather, seasons, stresses). The dynamic equilibrium of these forces in an individual is his or her unique constitution, and illness is seen as any variance from the individual’s constitutional balance.

An individualized approach to nutrition and diet, a precise methodology for diagnosing and using herbs and the relationship of environment and lifestyle to health are unique to this holistic system of health. Its therapies include rejuvenation, cleansing and detoxification techniques, fasting, massage, and the use of medicated oils, heat, and water. Treatment is defined as anything which will restore balance to the individual. That unique balance, or body/mind type, is one’s original, healthy nature.