Lotus Holistic Health Institute

Located an hour and a half south of San Francisco by car, the gentle wind brings clean, salt-sea air from the ocean a few blocks away; in five minutes we can drive to the redwood covered mountains overlooking the shore.

The healing environment of Santa Cruz and nearby Capitola have attracted many alternative health practitioners and herbal companies. Because of our temperate climate, we offer Ayurvedic programs including residential Pancha detoxification year round.
Ayurvedic Consultations with Cynthia Copple, Ayurvedic consultant for 23 years. Consultations include pulse reading, constitutional assessment, diet and lifestyle counseling and individualized herbal formulas. Consultations are in Capitola, Oakland, and Marin County or by telephone.

We offer:
Ayurvedic Mind/Body Assessments & Programs
Ayurvedic Day SpaTreatments and Massages
Cleansing Programs

Ayurvedic Education:
Massage Classes * Cooking Classes * Weekend Workshops

Visiting Ayurvedic Practitioners:
From time to time we sponsor visits by Ayurvedic Doctors from India, including workshops and consultations.

Pancha Karma Detox and Rejuvenation Therapy.
For increase in energy, reduction in stress, decrease in aches and pains, increased mental clarity and focus. Deep-seated patterns of imbalance can be rooted out by the Pancha Karma Therapy program, from three days to two or more weeks of daily or periodic sessions. Pancha Karma (five actions of removing toxins from the body) is the traditional Ayurvedic detox therapy which using hot herbal oil massages, herbal steam, and other therapeutic cleansing techniques, along with special herbs and diet. In l990, Dr. Sunil Joshi was the original inspiration and teacher for our Pancha Karma Program. It has been ongoing since then, with over 2000 treatments successfully completed.

Lotus Holistic Health Institute

4245 Capitola Road, Suite 103
Capitola, CA 95010 (at 43rd Avenue)

Ph: 1-831- 566-0735