What is Compassion? (Part II)

The last Blog “What is Compassion” explained two views of Compassion. In this article we look at what is Compassion from a third point of view, that of Yoga. (To read Part I first, click here>>) 3—Compassion is: “It is my duty to help that person” (a duty you have already defined, such as to [...]

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Stressbusters for the Passionate Blueprint

How could he say that about me? My stomach is burning with fury at the insult and I will get back at him by not texting or responding to his calls. I am furious with myself for not being perfect and feel a failure. I am waking up in the middle of the night with acid [...]

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Sensitive Blueprint Stress Busters

Do you feel fear in your guts when you wake up in the morning? Worry that there is something you did or may do that may bring about an unwanted reality? If so, you may have a Sensitive Blueprint's stress response. (To discover your Blueprint, go HERE) (Note: In the ancient human past the fight/flight reactions in the [...]

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Finding Health and Happiness Part 4

Part 4: Where Happiness is NOT; Life Forces and their actions. Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy describe three forces which maintain life. These forces create all form and energy. They are called Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. (This is a philosophical post, for those who like it!) Rajas is the force of action, activity, motion. Rajas makes [...]

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