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If you have a health problem and want an alternative solution, or if you are healthy and want to know your body/mind type and how to maintain your health, an Ayurvedic Consultation will provide the knowledge you seek.

Cynthia Copple, Ayurvedic Consultant for over 26 years, reads your pulse and assesses your life patterns from an Ayurvedic long term perspective and recommends a diet, daily routine and original herbal formula to achieve your optimum health and energy level.

Ayurveda is traditionally used to increase energy and mobility, improve digestion and elimination, remove depression, decrease pain, and restore the balance of the internal systems, the mind and emotions.

After the initial consultation, checkups are generally every 30 days until balance is restored. Ask about the Ayurvedic approach to arthritis, psoriasis and weight loss.

Initial Consultation:
120 minutes $240.00 60 minutes $150.00
Monthly Follow-up Consultations
45 minutes $75.00

Ayurvedic Day Spa Treatments

Services-1The Ayurvedic Day Spa services at the Lotus Holistic Health Institute are the first of their kind. Traditionally, Pancha Karma is part of a three to six day program requiring a total time commitment. Now the treatments have been structured so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of these luxurious therapies and be back to work in an hour and a half.

Instead of getting just a massage or herbal wrap, clients can enjoy the benefits of an Ayurvedic massage followed by a specific Ayurvedic therapy to insure that both the mind and body are relaxed, cleansed and integrated. These services provide the same effect as the Pancha Karma life extension treatments, but they can be enjoyed on a weekly, daily or monthly basis.

Each treatment is followed by a cup of herbal tea to integrate the benefits into the body, mind and life of the client.

Services BoxesFull Body Massage
Ayurvedic Massage & Hot Oil Therapy – one hour $90

Herbal Steam Bath
Uses soothing herbs that are appropriate for your body
type – 15-25 minutes $30

Nadi Swedana
Herbal Steam applied through tub – blissful steaming of the body inch by inch – 30 minutes $45

Marma Point Facial Massage
A relaxing non-surgical “face lift” which restores one’s original, unstressed beauty – one hour $85

Full Body Barley Brush
Relaxing exfoliation which detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin – $45

Facial Scrub and Toner
An herbal paste lymphatic & exfoliating facial which conditions and detoxifies the skin – $35

Shirodhara Oil Treatment
Relaxing stream of warm herbal oil focuses the mind, increasing immune strength, vitality, peace of mind – 45 minutes $85

Ayurvedic full body massage followed by Herbal Steam Bath and barley brush – 90 minutes $135