Pancha Karma

Rejuvenation & Detoxification Therapy

Since 1990, we have successfully completed over 2000 Ayurvedic rejuvenation and detox treatments. Our clients have experienced amazing increases in energy which in some cases had been extremely low for 10 – 15 years, improvement in physical mobility, clear- headedness, increase in enthusiasm, appetite and libido.

Pancha-Karma-1What is Pancha Karma?

Pancha Karma Therapy is the traditional Ayurvedic system for bodily detoxificaton and rejuvenation, using herbal oil massage, herbal steam therapy, special herbs and diet and other therapeutic cleansing techniques.

How does it work?

You relax as four hands massage hot herbal oil rhythmically into your body. The invigorating patterning generates “agni” or metabolic fires which soften, loosen, dislodge and draw out toxins from deep in the tissues.

The toxins, which create physical/mental/emotional/ “holding” patterns in the body, gradually shift and move out as the body realigns itself. “Dead” spots of little or no sensation or of knotted muscles or chronic pain gradually melt as energy moves through them. Then penetrating herbal steam is applied, which causes the oil to penetrate more deeply and aids in drawing out the toxins.

Various cleansing therapies are recommended, determined in your initial consultation. Baste ( Ayurvedic enema ) removes toxins from the colon, Virechana, purgation, removes them from the intestines. Nasya, a rejuvenating facial massage followed by Ayurvedic herbal nose drops, opens the nasal passages, increases the intake of oxygen and “prana” or beneficial vitality/ electricity in the air for mental clarity and a feeling of lightness and energy.

For deep relaxation, insomnia, scattered or compulsive thought processes, stress reduction and a meditative bliss, Shirodhara is a treatment consisting of a stream of warm herbal oil falling on the forehead (third eye area), stimulating and nourishing the pineal gland and other brain centers.

Toxins: Root Cause of Disease

Digestion and elimination, so essential to health, often weaken with age, toxic environment, poor diet or lifestyle habits. Even with the best diet, a weak digestion and sluggish elimination may create toxins (ama). These toxins can be experienced as a lessening of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life as resulting in chronic conditions.

Pancha Karma therapy addresses the root cause of imbalance instead of the symptoms themselves by eliminating the underlying toxins which, lodged in the tissues, result in physical symptoms.

What can I expect from Pancha Karma?

According to Ayurveda, Pancha Karma treatments result in a drastic increase in energy, reduction in stress, increase in ease of movement, decrease in aches and pains, increase in enthusiasm for life, increased mental clarity and focus. Treatments are scheduled for one and a half hours to two hours each day.

Who Will Benefit From Pancha Karma Therapy?

For rejuvenation, aches and pains, low energy, digestive or eliminative problems as well as other imbalances, a consultation will determine if Pancha Karma Therapy is appropriate.

Five Day Pancha Karma Cleansing Program

Pancha-Karma-2A program from three days to two weeks or more of daily or periodic sessions may be recommended, along with the special herbs and diet. Most programs are for five consecutive days or more. The type and length of the individual program will be discusses during the initial consultation.

Pancha Karma Cleansing Programs are a gentle and nurturing way to eliminate deep-seated toxins, which like sludge in the system, drain bodily strength and cause stiffness, pain, poor sleep, poor digestion and physical and mental weakness. For rejuvenation as well as detoxification, Pancha Karma treatments once, twice or four times a year help us to re-balance with the seasons and stay vital as we age. Included are daily warm oil bodywork by two practitioners at once, cleansing treatments such as Baste, Shirodhara, Sweden (herbal steam) and Virechana.

A consultation is required prior to the program.

Five Day Pancha Karma Program, including all treatments, Ayurvedic food (lodging separate) $2,498.
Three days to two weeks by special arrangement.

Schedule: We have Pancha Karma Programs each month in Santa Cruz.

Call for more information and for our current schedule. 831-566-0735